Welcome Club Activities

Our newsletter gives specific details each month about our programs and activities.  Here is a sampling of some of our current activities. A new group may be formed at any time.

Interest Groups

  • Bicycling (Pedal Pushers) meets twice monthly at Miramar Lake. It provides exercise and pleasant company for a leisurely ride at your own pace.
  • Birthday Babes meets several times a year for a Friday lunch and a celebration of birthdays.
  • Coffee Klatch meets every month at a member's home. It is a casual get-together and a great opportunity to make new friends and keep in contact with acquaintances.
  • Gadabouts and Luncheons gather monthly to explore interesting locations ranging from museums to unique restaurants. The lunch is pre-arranged with reservations and combines excellent cuisine with lively conversation. Members carpool on these excursions.
  • Book Discussion Groups meet in members' homes for a lively discussion and refreshments. The books are chosen in advance: classics, best sellers, biographies, an eclectic and stimulating array. There are three active Welcome Club book groups.
  • Bunco groups get together both evenings and afternoons. There are both Ladies' groups and Couples groups. All offer fun and camaraderie.
  • Bridge: There are two bridge groups that provide a variety of levels, days, and times. Group chairs will help you find the group that is perfect for you.
  • Craft participants put their talents to use creating a variety of items from centerpieces to suncatchers.
  • Pitch meets monthly for a lively game as well as prizes.
  • Trail Walkers explores the many trails right here in Scripps Ranch. The walks are one to two hours and provide camaraderie and exercise.

Social Events

  • Salad Supper is a mid-summer garden party. Delicious salads, raffles, and a theme such as Polka Dots and Flip-Flops or Soiree Extraordinaire make this one of the most popular events of the year.
  • The Theatre Group supports the local Scripps Ranch Theatre's annual season. Members enjoy a pre-theatre party and sit together at the theatre. Special arrangements allow season ticket holders to also participate.
  • T.G.I.s do not have to be on Fridays, but they are a casual evening get together for singles and couples at members' homes. Often there is a theme such as luau or Octoberfest.
  • Socials provide an opportunity for gala fun such as dinner dances, Style shows, or watching the Holiday Parade of Lights while dining at a bayside restaurant.